Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the CashSync Application and Synchronization Service

We respect any data of our clients and always strive to meet high security standards.

If you use the CashSync app without the synchronization service, we do not collect, use or store any personal data.

To ensure full functionality of the CashSync synchronization service, we collect and use some data. In addition to the data to be synchronized, such as: accounts, categories, transactions and reminders, we also use the following:

And the metadata of the latest access to the service:

All the synchronization service data are stored only during the life of the user profile on a secure server in the EC territory and are not shared with anyone. The interaction between the app and the server occurs over an encrypted channel.

A user of the service can get a report at any time with all the stored data and to completely delete his or her profile and the associated data. You can do this through the respective app functionality or by submitting a query to the support service.

The service is not intended for persons under 16.

It is implied that by using the CashSync app and synchronization service, you accept the terms of this document.

Contact information:
Hermann Wagenleitner

Date: November 13, 2018